Giving Back Today

Have you ever given a gift to a complete stranger? Sometimes it can be easy to make judgments about people that we see on the street who have a drug problem or are dirty with tattered clothing. However, what we don’t think about often enough is that these are still real people with real feelings.

Making the gesture of giving a gift to someone who you see on the street could not only make their day but change their life. It doesn’t have to be anything lavish. Ideas include a basket of food, a warm blanket, or even clothing.

Not only is it fulfilling for the person you are giving to but it’s also a boost of satisfaction for you as well. Giving can often be even more satisfying than receiving in many situations.
So take every opportunity that comes your way to give or to assist a charity cause. It can be Donating any amount that is comfortable with you or becoming a volunteer to assist.

Here in step right international, we are always grateful and thankful to for all your donation and assistance in helping change lives.
This fundraiser will never, ever, question the amount you give, or how often, or your commitment to our shared cause.